Welcome to the creative deluge for my final
show at Wimbledon College of Art, taking
place on September 3rd-10th. Check out the
Facebook event here, if you're in to that
sort of thing. We also have a final show
website here, if you want to see more about
what is happening and my colleague's work.
This site will change regularly so check it
out often! My performance will start on
September 9th on 7pm (GMT) and end September
10th, 7pm. 
your(re) ideal 
your(re) ideal 
your(re) ideal 
This is an investigation of presence, disembodiment
and humanity through a death and rebirth ritual.
Within my practice and research based around post-
humanism and ghosts I have reflected on the power
people and their bodies have, whether they are
physically in a space or missing. What if a body is
in the space but not moving, and dead for a day, on
display for others to visit? Will they speak to it?
Touch it? Consider their own death? Will they be
affected by knowing other bodies, or ghosts, are
watching them watch this body in real time through a
web-stream? Will a community be formed digitally
where all these non physical presences tweet, chat
and in various ways engage with each other
surrounding the questions of this body, in a liminal
state of rebirth?

particpate in my performance!
pls, i'm lonely. these are my
links. <3
ps my twitter is @your_re_ideal (
for the periscope purposes).