A shadow box is a place to store little objects that remind you of
your memories. But a funny thing about your shadow is that you
can't escape from it, no matter how hard you try. It's your best
friend and your worst enemy. And a funny thing about a box is
that it puts a nice frame around things, but it also traps you
inside. I feel sad for every new baby born into this world of
shadows and boxes

And yet somehow, a shadow box can be comforting. Maybe
shadow boxes help us remember who we are, in a time when
everything seems to be changing so fast. Maybe shadow boxes
are like mirrors, or to use a more contemporary metaphor: like a
computer's hard drive. These days more and more thoughts are
stored on computers, which are like complex boxes. There's a lot
of memories on computers. Maybe, when we take a picture with
our phone, we are putting a shadow inside a box. 

Click on the arrows on the right to go through six shadow boxes
that I made on my computer, and make sure your volume is
turned up. Special thanks to RachaelsScrapsStore.com, Michael's
Arts and Crafts at the Waterfront, and Ruthie Stringer.

Shadows, Boxes, and Computers 
By Jacob Ciocci