3:34 PM - 18 November 2013


you can't bullshit a bullshitter but i'm a terrible bullshitter
so you can probably bullshit me


12:27 PM - 22 Nov 2013

"it felt really right to spit in your mouth"
11:12 PM - 26 November 2013 

remove my scalp and kiss my brains so i
know that it's real
 2:16 PM - 27 November 2013

relationship status: your hand n my thigh

2:41 AM - 30 November 2013 


lil tipsy laying in cute boy's lap on the sand at the beach feeling nice

10:27 PM - 1 December 2013 

your cum to contour my cheekbones and highlight my
brow bone

7:04 PM - 3 December 2013 

fucked up at dennys once again

1:23 AM - 7 December 2013 


5:45 PM - 9 December 2013 

"you should stop drinking" *sneaks a sip when yr not lookin*

1:54 AM - 14 December 2013 

you are the pack of matches sitting at the bottom of my purse that i have been digging and digging for in desperation

 10:37 PM - 18 December 2013

when i could have just asked someone else nearby for a light

10:38 PM - 18 December 2013 

never learn how to play the guitar n fall in love 10/10 not a good combo u will just be drowning yrself w dumb love songs fr years trust me

 6:37 PM - 25 December 2013

im here to stay (until you want me to go then i can go but only if you want me to are you sure)


9:51 PM - 28 December 2013 

life hack: leave earrings at boys houses so u can haunt them w yr jewelry presence

2:09 PM - 4 January 2014 

i wrote a poem once about you but by the time i got to the end it wasn't about you

4:42 PM - 7 January 2014 

let's play a game to see which one of us could care about each other less

10:39 PM - 10 January 2014 
i want to wear u like a pair of denim jeans that the
seams haven't given up on

7:40 PM - 13 January 2014 

pretending i don't really dig youbutireallydigyou


8:53 PM - 21 January 2014 


9:28 PM - 21 January 2014 

wish u had murdered me when u said u would when we were 'role playing'

9:21 AM - 24 January  2014 

some spots in my bed still smell like you / i need an exterminator


11:43 AM - 25 January 2014 


9:23 PM - 30 January 2014

gonna love u so hard u wont wanna pull out


1:41 AM - 2 February 2014 

stopped my meds but then i also stopped you /// withdrawals


10:51 PM - 4 February 2014 

tweet location: under you

1:10 PM - 23 February 2014 

that small thrill of tension on the highway cruising between two big, big trucks-- yeah that's what u do to me at times

11:37 PM - 23 February 2014 

teamwork means cumming at the same time

9:37 AM - 3 March 2014 

hmu for a good time and by good time i mean emotional instability disguised in whiskey and nostalgic anecdotes

9:57 AM - 7 March 2014 

if i could just, maybe, inhale you, a little, again


8:31 PM - 17 March 2014 


The last time I saw you we fucked. We fucked sooo good that your breath ran out before a how-are-you and my moans couldn't even utter an i-missed-you. Sometimes I like to
think that it wasn't just sex. That it was also the way I sometimes inspired you or the way you made me not so cold. But maybe sex is all we were ever capable of. Two people
too scared to seek anything more. I left almost immediately after I woke up in the morning. Told you not to get out of bed. You didn't. How do you even begin to be friends with
someone you thought was "just a friend" the entire time? 
Once, I admitted that I could have fallen in love with you. I'm too scared now, too full of relinquished discrepancies to
admit to myself that this still may be true.
Sometimes I kiss other people, mostly I'm too bored with them, often I just try to find myself in drives with friends or old song lyrics.        
I guess I can say that I don't care. This is happy. I'm not hurting, I know you aren't. You still check my twitter page, I know you do, and so do I. I lied, I still care. 
But I think that this is enough for now. 

sext: am i forgotten yet
11:51 AM - 31 Mar 2014