BrainModes is currently in development. I am
working with neuroscientists to create an APP
where you can interact with 3D models of your
brain, and play games using your brainwaves.
I use Unity to develop the 3D brain models and games with help from
neuroscientists. Our project mentor is Dr. Petra Ritter, head of the
experimental neurology department at Charite in Berlin. This project is
currently funded by Exist ProFund, via a science transfer program.

The animation above is real game play, and the images below are concept
illustrations. My role is developer, artist, product owner & product designer.
BrainModes is being developed with agile & lean methodologies.

It has been exhibited here:

artgames 006 Spektrum, Berlin - 2016
Play Test, Freie Universitat, Berlin - 2016
Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften, Charité Mitte, Berlin - 2016
Local Multiplayer, Computerspiele Museum, Berlin - 2016
Lange Nacht der Museen, Game Science Center, Berlin - 2016