Artefact Decomposition

Artefact Decomposition is a collection of experimental
watercolours on cotton, where the source imagery has
been corrupted by computer vision and compression,
and then reinterpreted by hand.

I am interested in the relationship between technology and artists
who make representational paintings. The style of representational
works changes as new technologies are invented, such as artificial
lighting, natural pigments, the camera obscura, commercial paint
production & artificial pigments, chemical photography,
digital photography, 3D modelling, procedural generation, virtual
reality, mixed reality, and onwards. I love it all.

It has been exhibited here:

- Vernissage, Speak Easy, Berlin, April - September 2016

 Amanda: Reclining Nude, Post Kitkat              Diana: Living Dream Girl - 2016
Amanda with Self Portrait: Troublemaker Hedonists - 2016
Kyle: Page of Swords - 2016
Kyle: Rise and Fall - 2016
Self Portrait: Four of Swords - 2016