hey it's laura i am going to ask u some
questions u can answer them if you want
or delete them or edit them into
questions you would rather answer no 1
will ever know what has been erased,
added, edited, or fuked
 wut was the most erotic
thing that happened 2 u today
today i am at the cabin that  
stains me with tongue signs. there is a blue 
picnic table, it is glossy with rain. 
it tells me that i will die, 
thankfully, alone.
yr book burning blue is out on badlands unlimited as
part of their amaaazzzinggg new lovers series. the
series centers on erotica that challenges the genre
and focuses on works by women.
additionally, you are a teacher and a maker of art.
poetics and erotics seem integral to your practice 
across mediums. is there a difference between visual
art and erotica? will all art be erotica soon?    
 while i am writing this i
am free bleeding on this
blood seems integral to
josey's experience of her
body. the blood is owned by
her alone but it's also
what leaves her and what
she keeps from others. this
also seems like a way
towards queerness and
eventual love. what happens
to the parts of body that
leaves us? is blood a
response to ejaculate? is
blood a mark of some
female-bodied experiences?
im trying to put a finger on the casual queerness 
of the book I'm trying too. desperate to find my
                                       fingers through your palms.   
                     Unlike many critics, I                           enjoy the projection 
      possible in                                                             romance genre,
                                                                               there are fine lines 

          feeding and finding. I also wonder how causal and casual 
                      are related.               a displaced you might do the trick. 

sometimes i am an adjunct      
creative writing teacher. i
think it is an undeniably
erotic experience that must
continually be repressed in
order to de-sexualize not only
the students but also myself.
how do you feel as an erotic
being in the classroom? how do
you teach liberatory practices
while still dealing with the
actual bodies in a classroom?  
"Josey was an erotic master teaching her
disciples how to come in the longest and
most intense possible way. " - Burning Blue
is erotica a response to
theory that ignores the body? 
ocean or fire
student or teacher 
 lesbian or queer or bi
 coming or almost coming forever 
 husband or lover 
youth or age 
porn or erotica 
ocean or fire

erotica is the surprise in your mouth.
art is the liquid that runs out. art will only 
always be many things, including, but 
mostly excluding the rest. 
erotics engage the mass. 

Writing is learning to die. 

                     - Helene Cixous

Blood aggresses, She leaks. Like language blood
shifts in materiality when exposed to 
another  (oxygen). Menstrual blood is a female-
bodied experience, however I seek to highlight the
social impositions of abjection and aging. A
woman's experience is bloody and murderous,
it's of biology or choice. 

I wonder what the difference here is between erotic and sexual. 
My classrooms are erotic spaces. But they are not sexual. Academia is full of unspoken
tensions that make oppression seem like the only response and that is not a response. 
As a person working in learning environments, I seek to undo the bunk hierarchy of 
academia by building an intersubjective space that is safe for feelings of pain and hostility. 
Because the easiest way to become erotic without fear of exploit is to communicate with 
one another. Removing the tension, elephant in the room etc, allows for release in all ways. 
                                  We are all responsible to this collective affect. Erotics are made of play  
                                                      the most sustainable way to play is to listen 
                                                                                  and feel heard.
is there sex without power is

I write erotica to remember I am alive. I write erotica as gift. I write erotic in response to theory that engages
vulnerability. Judith Butler writes in Frames of War, 'If we accept the insight that our very survival depends not on
the policing of a boundary, but on recognizing how we are bound up with others, then this leads us to reconsider the
way in which we conceptualize the body in the field of politics. In fact, I am not at all sure we can identify a human
form, nor do I think we need to.'

I also write against. I write erotica against art and all those related to art (curators, collectors, academics, all
participating ponzy schemers) that sell bodies and labor to support notions of essentialism that relate directly to
capitalism. To sell, own, or buy a woman's body is a crime unless the woman is the one doing it, of course. Self-
empowerment is the only power.

can we wrap our heads around
unwrapping our bodies long enough for
heat to build with trust that one to one
to one a we may establish a place for

this cat image depicts a friend of mine.
the friend wouldn't come inside, even
when it was cold. even when She was
starving. i hung out with her and then
she went away.

i'm not even sure how those two words
came to resemble one another. it scares
to me think of the origins of this
equation. now to deal with all the pain.
because there is so much.