Bad Nudes Magazine | When My Body is Next to Yours it is Safe; Moonstone; Her Majesty

Hobart | Jacaranda

Reality Hands | Tiger; Softer

Alien She | Labia

Reality Beach | Legend

glittermob | Bright and Stupid and See-Through

Potluck Magazine | A Flower Called Nowhere; Where You Came From

Alien Mouth | a selfie of my spaciousness

Cosmonauts Avenue | Quiet Industry

Electric Cerealplastic watermelon


Shabby Doll House | So Special [first version of Love Like WIFI]

The MallWhen You’re Dead You Will Miss Your Self; $4 Dijon; Why Wasn’t I Born

Thought Catalograndom notes compiled on my iPhone in new york




30 Under 30 (In/Words) | Plastic Watermelon (

Hart House Review | Portal; Channels (forthcoming)

Dreamland Magazine | Melatonin; The Soft Cool
Gravity; The Bending Wind

LESTE | Masturbate the Glitter

Maisonneuve Magazine
| The Wild Wind in the
Space of the Word

Metatron | Thank You For Looking at the Sky

Illuminati Girl Gang | Aura Pixels

Pop Serial | The Wind Makes You Nobody; Opus
Seed Iris Omega

Weijia Quarterly | I Am An Exploding Blossom ::::::::
Twilight at Nuclear River

Ribbon Pig | Residue; Prologue; Pythagorean

Telegram | yesterday; felt ok

Casino Magazine | Feels

Peripheries | Golden

Soliloquies Anthology | Underwear; Forgotten
Photograph: Saskatchewan 1996