NewHive is a digital space where artists can experiment
in new ways utilizing the platform as a multimedia tool
in the age of the internet.

Just The Titles was born out of a digital habit turned
coping mechanism utilizing wordplay and comedic relief
to create what can be described as casual existentialism.

Turned into an anthology of all the content we’d never
get around to actually writing in full form or creating art
in response to the fleeting concerns posed as Titles. The
objective is to inspire others to join in, taking the titles as
inspiration and remixing them to create NewHives of
their interpretation.

Content created in response will drive traffic to the
platform, but it will also source in new
and recurring artists to NewHive.

In the grand scheme of things, Just The Titles is the
writing prompt equivalent as artists react to the titles.
Where Absurdism Meets Pop-Culture
We found love in a digital space.
Tackling pop-culture through puns and absurdist humor,
NewHive and Just The Titles strive for the same voice
where humor meets with a concerned "you should call your
mother" outsider. This makes NewHive the perfect place to
collaborate with other artists.