Library of the Printed Web
Workshop at Merz Akademie
Stuttgart, Germany
8–12 June 2015
What is publishing today? Platforms, channels and modes of
production are mutating and multiplying. Easy access to cheap
technology and an abundance of free materials means that the
artist is empowered to consider her own publishing agenda,
outside of corporate constraints. So what does it mean to “make
public” when the circulation of texts, images and our own
identities has become routine? Is posting (always) publishing?
We’ll begin the workshop by creating simple poetic works from
found material — social networks, image collections, archives
and other digital databases. We’ll assemble our own Library of
the Printed Web
and use it to probe the nature of publishing in
networked culture. We’ll enact various strategies for dispersing
the work, pushing content across networks, into and out of
physical space and on and off platforms. You will be encouraged
to develop your own publishing agendas, considering curation,
fixity and dispersion in your practice, but the goal of the
workshop will be to collaboratively “perform publishing” and
materialize this site-specific version of Library of the Printed
as a real-time publishing event at Merz Akademie.
Paul Soulellis is a New York-based artist, designer and
publisher, maintaining his studio at NEW INC at the New
Museum. He teaches at Rhode Island School of Design
He is the founder of Library of the Printed Web, an
expanding physical archive devoted to web-to-print artists’
books, zines and other printout matter. Paul writes and
speaks extensively about his experimental publishing
research, and publishes Printed Web, a semi-annual print-
on-demand publication of web-to-print art and discourse.
Printed Web #3
, featuring 147 artists, launches at Offprint
London at the Tate Modern in May 2015. Paul also
maintains an artist’s practice focused on site-specific
publishing and social engagement around the book. 
Recent projects are Portlander (UK, 2014),
(UK, 2012) and 530 (Iceland, 2013).

Mishka Henner, _IMG01 Australian-troops-passing-014.jpg (2014)
This image and background ZIP image: Scott Gelber