Self identity is commonly thought to be determined by a single trait or quality. When in
reality it is essential to recognize we have not one, but multiple 'selves'. We decide who
we are and who we want to be, each day evolving for the better. It is important to accept
change without allowing the media's influence to dictate every moments' new trend.
For my thesis I decided to explore these 'selves' and present these representations
through screen print on acetate. I first asked a few of my peers to think honestly of who
they think they are as a person. Secondly, what they'd like to be. Based on my own
interpretations, I created a visual portrayal of each response. 
who you think you are.                      who you are.                    who you want to be. 
I would like to be:
carefree and independent.
I think I am
trapped in my own mind.
I would like to be:
comfortable and wise.
I think I am
a night crawler.
I would like to be:
I think I am
easy to get along with.
I would like to:
maintain creativity in a
world that tends to strip
you of it.
I think I am
childish and very
I would like to be:
strong and healthy.
I think I am
caring and simple-minded. 
I would like to be:
accomplished and
I think I am
scared and unworthy.
I would like to be:
an astronaut.
I think I am
I would like to be:
the next one on top.
I think I am
tied up and loyal.
some iterations are
hand drawn while others are photoshop
manipulations. All prints were made in the print
shop at the School of Visual Arts. 
Each representation was scanned into the
computer and turned into a GIF.
separations on vellum
Initial test from printer
Layer #3 of silk screen process
reclaiming screen of emulsion coating
screen print test
MAIN mATERIALS: acetate, ink, vellum
who you think you are. who you are. who you want to be. 
lindsay SPISAK | THESIS 2015
Lindsay, 22
hiann, 24
k, 23
Olivia, 23
kATIE, 24
Jam, 23
ryan, 24
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