Printed Web #3 will be a compilation of one-page
Submit anything from the web/internet.
There is no theme, only i
deas: email, texts, code,
snapchats, screenshots, flickr, tumblr, recipes, junk,
stolen stuff, data, letters, archives, webcams, wikis,
porn, lists, comments, NSA, geocities, google
maps, documents, spam, darknet, friendster,
passwords, anonymous, art, yelp, thumbnails, family
photos, street-view, youtube, etc. 
Send each
submission as a single US-letter size (8.5" x 11")
Design and formatting is up to you. #3 will be
portrait-oriented, like previous issues.
Your work will
be attributed and your name 
included somewhere in
the printed publication—
no need to put it in the
(unless you want to). Multiple submissions are
Send PDFs to: 
Deadline 11:59pm EST Sunday 15 February 2015.
Printed Web #3
Launching at Offprint London 
(Tate Modern, Turbine Hall)
22–25 May 2015
Printed Web #3 will be a print-on-demand publication launching at Offprint London in May 2015 and available
for sale at It will also be distributed as a free PDF. 

* If you want your page to bleed, include 0.125" bleed on all four sides of the PDF. Do not include crop marks.

** Printed Web #3 will be “curation-free” but there is no way to guarantee that every submission will be
accepted. Every effort will be made to include everything.