Hi! And Welcome to "New Expressions" By Jacob Ciocci!
Below is information on how I made my "New Expressions" using New Hive. You can
make your own too! After you have finished reading the text below, click on the arrow
on the right to navigate through all of my "New Expressions" pages, and thanks!
8 easy steps to make cool "New Expressions"

1. make an animated new hive page: have fun! 

2. print out every frame of the animated new hive page onto paper. 

3. glue every frame of the new hive page onto a masonite board. 

4. paint and collage on top of the masonite board: have fun! 

5. scan the finished painting/collage into the computer 

6. re-animate every section or "frame" of the painting/collage in an
animated gif program 

7. use this new animated gif as the starting point for another new
animated new hive page: have fun! 

8. repeat until you get tired!