What is NewHive?

NewHive is a multimedia publishing platform for the easy creation of
webpages called newhives. These pages are artist-controlled,
embeddable, and may be simply compiled into collections. We provide
an intuitive and easy-to-use, graphical user interface. To put it simply,
NewHive allows users to create webpages without having to write code
or use a rigid interface.
Do I have to pay to use NewHive?

NewHive is totally and completely free!
How do I create a newhive?

To create a newhive page, click on the create icon in the bottom right-hand corner. For help creating a newhive click on the ? while in the editor.
How do I submit a project proposal to NewHive?

NewHive is committed to the support of multimedia artists through
commissioned projects and through our artists in residency
program. Every project is different and every residency is different,
as every artist is different. We are especially interested in
collections utilizing the NewHive tools to create totally new kinds of
art. We'll know it when we see it. Before submitting a proposal, we
encourage you to first make some newhives and experience our

Please send proposal, sample newhives and other samples of your
work to: m@newhive.com
How is the front page curated?

NewHive's front page is curated by NewHive staff and occasionally by outside curators.

How do I decide what I see in my Network?

By default everyone is listening to NewHive, so you will immediately
see everything that NewHive creates, loves or republishes. To begin
seeing more content in your network, click the FOLLOW button on
people's profiles. To discover people to follow, peruse collections or
newhives that are featured on THE HIVE or NETWORK, or SEARCH
for topics you are interested in. You can click on people's names or
thumbnails to view their profiles.
How do I contact NewHive?

If you have any questions or comments you can email us:
What does a "love" mean?

To love a newhive, press the heart shaped button. This will add the newhive to your collection of loved newhives (under the heart icon on your profile) and let the creator of the newhive know that you appreciate their work. It will also show up in the Network feed of people that are following you.

What happens when I "republish" a newhive?

To republish a newhive, click on the republish icon. Republishing a newhive will include it on your profile, and will display the newhive in the Network feed of people that are following you.
What is remixing?

Remixing allows you to edit someone else's newhive and publish it on
your profile. If a newhive is remixable, it will show a remix button in
the bottom right hand corner. You can click that button to remix the
newhive. To allow your newhive to be remixed, check the button that
says "remixable" in the save dialogue.

What are collections?

Collections are a group of newhives that you can page through
like a zine. You can have as many different collections as you want
and they can live on their own URL within your profile.

How do I create a collection? 

To create a collection, give your newhives a specific #tag when
you save them. You can access all of your #tags under the
collections icon on your profile. Click the #tag and you can view
the newhives in that collection. Drag and drop the preview images
to put them in any order you want. To highlight the collection #tag
as a button on your profile, drag the #tag you want highlighted
above the line in the collections folder when logged in
How do I curate a collection?   

You can curate a collection by adding other people's newhives to a
collection. When you look at the preview or social overlay on a
newhive, there is a + button. Click that button to add a newhive to
a collection you already have created, or to create a new
collection. You can drag and drop the collections in the collections
tab on your profile to change their order. 
How do I embed a collection?  

To embed a collection, click into the collection you want to share and view the newhive you want displayed first. Then click the arrow in the bottom right hand corner to open the social overlay. Hover on the share icon and click Embed NewHive. In the embed overlay click the button that says "Collection", then copy and paste the embed code into your site. This will include the collection and allow viewers to page through the newhives on another site. 
How do I share my newhive? 

You can share your newhive by copying and pasting the link. To share on Facebook and Twitter you can use the social buttons. To email your newhive, open the social overlay by clicking the arrow in the bottom right hand corner. Then hover on the share icon and click "share newhive". You can enter email/s to share your newhive to, and include a personal message.

How do I change the URL of my newhive?

You can edit the URL, Title and #tags in the save dialogue when you
are creating your NewHive. Click on the URL to edit it.

How do I embed my newhive on another site?    

To embed your newhive, click the arrow in the bottom right hand corner of the newhive to open the social overlay. Hover on the share icon and select "embed newhive." This will give you the options for embedding. Copy and paste the code into your website to embed the newhive.
How do I embed my newhive on Wordpress?    

To embed your newhive in a Wordpress site, first check to make sure that your theme works with iFrame embeds. (You can check this by googling the name of the theme and iframe embeds.) If you know you can include embeds, copy the embed code for interactive newhive from the embed menu. Make a preview post so you can see what it would look like embedded in your site. If the height looks off, change the height value in the embed code. It is  automatically set to "100%" but you can change it by giving it a specific size, for example "900px".

How do I embed my newhive on Tumblr?    

To embed a newhive on tumblr, first open the text post creator
on Tumblr and click on the <html> button. Copy and paste your
embed code into the text box. You won't see the embed in the
feed but it will show up on your blog.

How do I share a link to my collection? 

To share a link to your collection, you can use the URL of the
collection: newhive.com/yourusername/collectiontitle. You can
click on the collection #tag under the collection icon on your
profile and copy and paste the URL. If your collection is private,
click on the lock icon on your profile, then the #tag while you are
logged into your account. That will give you a private link that you
can use to share your collection to other people.  

What is displayed on my NewHive profile?   

The main view of your profile shows all of the newhives you have created and republished. The last newhive you edited + saved publicly will show up first on your profile. 
How do I edit my profile?   

To edit your profile click on the wrench icon in the upper right.
This will change the page into edit mode. You can click the top
header to add in a header image, and click on the square profile
image holder to add in a profile picture. You can change the full
username that is displayed and also add in a sentence about
yourself or a link to another website. Click Save Profile Settings to
save the changes you make to your profile.  
How do I change the settings on my account? 

To change the settings on your account, click on the gear icon in
the upper right of your profile
NewHive grid:    

If you click on the pages icon, it will show you all of the newhives
that you have created in a grid. This way you can see all of your
newhives without showing everything that you have republished. 

The collections icon will show you every collection of newhives that
you have created and curated
Following / Followers:  

The following and followers tabs on your profile will show you the
list of who you are following and who is following you. To start
following someone, click on the following button on their profile, or
on the social overlay of newhives. Following someone means you
will see the newhives that they create, love and republish show up
in your network feed.  

The loves tab on your profile will show you the list of all of the
newhives you have loved. 
Private newhives

The private icon on your profile will show you the list of all of your
autosaved + private pages. 

If you look at someone else's profile you will see a mail icon. This
allows you to send them an email via newhive and receive
messages from other users
How do I auto-play collections?
To auto-play through a collection simply add  "&play_time=x"
where x is the number of seconds between each page to the end
of the first page in a collection.